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30 January 2013 @ 07:58 am
Waiting For The Sun to Go Down.  
Title: Waiting For The Sun to Go Down.
Pairing: Suho/Kai
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst, Supernatural (sort of?), Romance
Word Count: ~4400
Summary: Because every night Joonmyun is talking to the moon, and can't bring himself to believe no one's on the other side, talking back.

Note: I have no idea what this is, I was just listening to Bruno Mars' Talking to The Moon hen it happened, and idk why but I was thinking about Jack Frost all along even though this fic as nothing to do with him m(_ _)m
Just. Yeah. There was an attempt, and what is plot and proofreading hahah /throws self off a cliff ;A;

Joonmyun stares.

High, up at the only source of natural light perched above Seoul's polluted sky, quietly humming to an old lullaby to prevent himself from spilling words that would probably make him feel embarrassed, even though he's totally alone within his small and cosy apartment. Sometimes he can't help himself however, and still ends up talking to this shiny globe that other people usually find so irrelevant, preferring by afar the heat and blinding rays of the sun.

He's always been afraid of this star and its boiling explosions of seething lava. The moon is so much calmer and reassuring, discreet curtains of grey and white slipping through the night to guide you.

Joonmyun asks a lot of 'why's and 'when's even though he knows no one is going to answer him, has always had – the only thing that has changed is that he is no longer harbouring the gentle illusion that someone, anyone, is living up there and listening to him. Being a grown up man doesn't make him stop whatsoever though, but he's come to realize what he is doing is silly nonetheless, and puerile.

Sometimes he asks 'what is on the other side?', other times 'is tomorrow going to be a good day?', or even 'why did my brother die when there are people much worse out there?'.

He merely asks in order to get the questions out of his chest when he can't find any other way to keep them bottled up inside his heart without exploding, and when he was still a kid he had liked to imagine himself blowing up into silvery swirls of moon dust the wind would slowly carry away to visit everyone he was missing back then. Float away from his problems and worries, to eventually fly up and join the little man he thought was living on the pale surface of the moon.

He still wishes it to be possible – is aware it's quite delusional, too – but he just can't help himself, not when his whole being is shivering from the coldness while on his balcony at two in the morning during one of Winter's many nights, leaning against the shut window and looking up with an unyielding gaze at the deceiving satellite. There's nothing magical about it, he's learnt that much at school. No way someone's actually living on it either.

He still nourishes what his imagination has formed though, and ignores science's rules with a sort of misplaced pride.

Once, he had asked if someone was actually watching over him from up there, among the little stars that could still be seen at that time, when he was eight. He got nothing but a nice breeze ruffling his short hair, but this had been enough for him to find comfort and reassurance when he had most needed it. Joonmyun still smiles at the memory when it comes up to his mind at the end of a tiring day, and goes to sleep with his lips subtly curving upward, unconsciously.

And even though he can't see it, the man on the moon always smiles back, in the vain hope it would reach the only person keeping him from loneliness as he witnesses Joonmyun's life unfold slowly before his eyes, hurting when Joonmyun hurts, crying when Joonmyun cries, and answering when Joonmyun asks, even if his voice gets inevitably lost into the emptiness of this infamous void separating his own ground to the human's one.

They say you can't feel the loss of something you never had, therefore he isn't sure if he's supposed to resent Joonmyun for starting talking to him in this unusual way of communication, making him forget how being the only creature living in a desolated and dusty place is like only to eventually let it crash into him, and crush the isolated being under the weight of the suddenly recovered feeling of being unavoidably and utterly alone when it's time for Joonmyun to let the Earth turn him around, and eventually shield him from his caring eyes.

In those moments, he feels like turning into those shiny particles Joonmyun is so fond of fantasizing about.

He often sits in the middle of one of the numerous craters, Joonmyun's words reaching his ears, but Joonmyun's ears never catching his, and wonders 'why' when Joonmyun wonders 'when', as if proving him there would always be something asymmetrical and impossible between the both of them, something that would never work the way it should.

The lunar creature doesn't really know what he is himself, doesn't know why, doesn't know how, nor does he know any of the responses Joonmyun is always requesting from him even when the latter can't hear them. The only thing he knows is that he is longing for a word, a touch, or even a look from the other, openly directed at him, and only him.

Bask in the knowledge he's not invisible anymore, even though he knows this is not a wish able to be fulfilled.

Today Joonmyun welcomes his living-room by throwing his jacket onto the couch with all the rage he's able to convey, chest heaving from having run all the way from his workplace to his apartment without even stopping to take the elevator, clearly beyond upset. Not only has he had a shitty day, but he's also heard there is going to be a lunar eclipse this very night, and even though Joonmyun would never voice it out loud, the man is actually worried about the fact the moon is maybe going to show itself in an unusual, eerie way, or simply disappear for the night.

The mere thought makes him nauseous.

In the end, he decides that getting worked up about something he has no control over isn't going to do him any good, and therefore wills himself to even his breathing and cool down a bit as he looks through the window out of reflex. The sun isn't even down yet. That doesn't prevent him from swiftly looking away at the prospect of what's going to happen in some hours, huffing in mild annoyance.

The sound that finds its way past his lips is closer to a resigned sigh than anything else, though.

Even when the night has fallen and he is finally able to have a full view of the for now untouched moon, Joonmyun's still trying to convince himself he's an adult and shouldn't let things like this bother him; he's not fooling anyone though, not even himself.

But how are people supposed to react when you suddenly burn to third degree their one and only confidant or childhood friend, the one you've always been with and ended up being inseparable after so many years spent together? Or just removed them from your life without warning you beforehand, even if only for a short period of time? Joonmyun doesn't know, and isn't really eager to find out either. Only, he is in no position to have a word on the matter.

So when the usual slightly silvery shade of the moon, which is always lighting up his room along with the discreet glow of the few remaining stars, turns into a sort of ominous rust-coloured ball, Joonmyun stares, again. And clenches his teeth. He can't help but wonder if the man up there feels as sick as he does because of the phenomena, even though it's a silly thought and he would probably be laughing at himself any other day, but for tonight he chooses not to think twice before lifting a hand up in the biting cold to trace the outline of the moon with a finger, the exact same way he had done it when he was eight.

Trying to convey the message that someone was watching over him, the little man on the moon, from down here too.

Even when Joonmyun perfectly knows there's no one to get it.

“This is stupid”, the red-haired male sighs as he eventually clenches his fingers around a ball of nothingness, as if to grab the glob which seemed to be made out of ember at the moment, before burying his nose into the thick scarf wrapped around his neck. However, no matter how many times he keeps repeating himself this, he always finds a way to be back on this balcony when the last rays of sunlight disappear to let night fall and surround the city, or watch through the window of his bedroom when the weather decides to try and jeopardize his little routine, to no avail.

Just as Joonmyun closes his eyes however, he feels the wind raise and blow gently against his cheeks, surprisingly warm considering the subtle clouds of white his lips keep on creating with each new exhale of air released, and snaps his eyes open, slightly widened as the memory flashes back behind his eyelids. The man slowly looks up when the comfortable breeze doesn't stop, then gasps as soft words seem to be floating along with the wind, carrying them to his ears even though he can't quite understand what they mean.

He lets the voice wash over him in easy waves instead of trying to catch the incoherent letters, unhurried and distant, but seeming so close at the same time, as if receiving only the very end of a lightyear-long echo. His eyes are getting dry but he can't bring himself to close them again or even blink, afraid that the second he looks back at the moon everything would stop and reveal itself to be a hallucination dragged up from the depth of his overflowing imagination.

“Hey”, Joonmyun lets out in a shaky breath, unsure of what to say, and unbelieving of the fact he's actually trying to talk to a sphere deprived of any form of life whatsoever, irises shining as he feels the beginning of a response getting carried over to him by the singing wind.

... Hey?” comes the reply some long seconds later, deep but soothing, and Joonmyun finds himself standing at the very edge of his balcony while staring up at the unusual colour of the moon, an incredulous smile stretching his lips until the muscles in his cheeks hurt and the coldness of the night is forgotten as he starts to laugh quietly, the sound bubbling up at the back of his throat only to end up with Joonmyun's lungs nearly out of air. “You can hear me?

The owner of this unexpected answer sounds as astonished as the red-haired man, surprised tone laced with obvious delight.

“Yes, yes I can! How the hell is this happening?” Joonmyun practically shouts up at the sky with the widest grin he's worn in years, not caring one bit if someone actually sees him and thinks he's gone mad. All those nights where he'd hesitated, thinking he was crazy and delusional, all those nights where he'd spoken to the clouds and demanded them to float aside when they were blocking his sight,preventing him from seeing his favourite source of brightness.

All those nights when he had cried and asked why nobody ever responded, if he was being ignored and his words actually getting lost into thin air? Someone had actually been on the other side of his messages all along, even though far away. Someone had been listening. “Are you really the little man on the moon? Were you hearing me all along?”

A gleeful laugh. “I am, although I don't think I would be deemed 'little' by your standards.” Another soft breeze caresses Joonmyun's cheeks while the voice seems to be humming to itself, much calmer when it finally resumes its answer while still conveying the same enthusiasm as before, words only slightly slower. “Each one of your words reached me, but my replies never got to you. I am sorry, Joonmyun.

The latter's chest feels like exploding, salty traces of water gleaming at the corner of his eyes when a relieved chuckle escapes him, his body seeming way lighter as the reassuring voice keeps on talking, as if it was removing all the worries and misery from his shoulder to throw them into the black space separating Joonmyun from the other being, letting them go and crash against a star about which the red-haired doesn't really care anymore. He's never really liked them to begin with, anyway.

“It's okay, we're talking right now, that's more than I could ever ask for. I was starting to think my words were falling into deaf ears to be honest”, Joonmyun admits, still a bit dazed by what's currently happening. “You know my name. What's yours?”

Hum...” The male feels a sudden rush of coldness blow into his face and shudders, screwing his eyes shut at the unpleasant sensation before being warmed up once again by the return of an agreeable puff of wind, taking it as a sign of affection from his interlocutor. “I don't have a name. I never needed one.

Joonmyun's eyebrows shoot up at that, eyes still fixed on the rusty satellite and slowly coming to like its new appearance. “Is that so? I'll name you then, is that okay with you?” he inquires and licks his lips, putting his mind to work as soon as another subtly distorted hum echoes his question. His eyes drift down to the vast expanse of rippling water stretching far before him until melting into the horizon, watching the moon's reflection glisten over the calm surface as a name silently leaves his lips, almost reverent in the way the whisper gets caught in the wind to be carried high up into the night. “Kai. I'll call you Kai.”

Joonmyun lets out a slightly breathless laugh as Kai tests out his new name in a thoughtful manner, apparently trying to get used to it while the red-haired male waits patiently, leaned over the ledge of his balcony with a small smile softening his tired features. When he asks if Kai is as pale as the orb he's living on, the question only earns him a burst of laughter from the other before this one finally answers that he's actually way darker than the dust under his feet. It doesn't faze Joonmyun in the slightest.

Hours pass quickly, and before neither of them realizes it daylight is already creeping up on them, progressively taking Kai's voice away from Joonmyun's eager ears to eventually completely wash it away when the sun makes its apparition, leaving the red-haired man with an odd after-taste of bitterness on the tip of his tongue as his last question remains unanswered. He begins to dislike the rainbow of colours the massive star provides as its reflection hits the sea stretched out in front of him, way too different from the discreet reddish shades of his beloved moon and olive tone of Kai's skin as he likes to imagine it.

When Kai doesn't respond the night after, Joonmyun is not sure whether or not he would have preferred never hearing his voice considering how powerful the pang in his chest is when the only response to his question is his own voice.

He chokes on the other's name once that night as his voice turns hoarse from repeating the same word over and over again, before going back inside.

Jooonmyun doesn't stop trying, though.

The second time Joonmyun is able to talk to Kai is seven months later, when he's sitting on the beach, feet resting in the lukewarm water of one of Spring's numerous nights while most of his friends are some meters away, singing and laughing around a campfire as Yixing stubbornly tries to strum the chords of his guitar in a partially drunken state. The Chinese man ends up sprawled onto the itchy sand because of Chanyeol's precarious balance, the taller guy having been running around the group for a good ten minutes before colliding with the guitarist in a failed attempt at impersonating a flamingo.

Joonmyun doesn't laugh.


His head shoots up at the familiar voice, eyes wide as the wind brings him an embarrassed laugh and chest swelling with an undefined emotion that seems to smother everything else around him, all of his attention focused on the low voice and nothing else. “Kai?”

A wistful sigh ghosts over the shell of his ear. “Yeah, it's been a long time. How are you, Joonmyun?

“I thought I would never hear from you again”, Joonmyun answers slowly, weighting his words carefully and letting sincerity drip off them without caring about restraining himself, wanting to be as honest as possible and show how raw around the edges he's been for the past months, literally living in the anxiety that Kai was only part of a virtual world coming straight out of his imagination, a dream that had felt so real he had actually managed, in one way or another, to convince himself it had been real. “Why did you stop talking to me?”

I tried to contact you but it wasn't possible. I guess the reason why I'm able to do it now has something to do with the Spring tides, you know, with the water rising and the moon being closer, since it's a full moon tonight”, the other explains a bit too quickly for Joonmyun to catch everything, before continuing with an excited hint to his speech that makes the red-haired grin easily. “But I tried some things while I couldn't reach you. You should go deeper into the water because there's something I want to show you!

With a soft chuckle Joonmyun finds himself complying to the request without any resistance even though he still has to bite his tongue not to hiss because of the water's temperature, stopping knee-deep since he doesn't really want to wet his swimming trunks unnecessarily seeing as the weather is not at its hottest at this time of the night. Unfortunately for him, Kai eggs him on walking a bit deeper, until the red-haired male actually has water to the waist, stomach clenching slightly each time a small wave comes to gently hit his belly.

He briefly looks back, watching his friends from afar and noticing half of them are already asleep while the other half is more than surely getting there too. “And now?”

Joonmyun. Look down. What do you see?” The anticipation is palpable in his voice, along with a slight tremor of worry that has the red-haired's brows furrowing slightly.

When he does lower his gaze though, his breath catches in his throat at what the water is reflecting before his very eyes. This is not Joonmyun he sees, this is the image of a young, handsome male who seems to be full of life, although wearing a shy, hesitant smile directed at Joonmyun, dark orbs staring right into his and irises seeming to swirl along with the quiet ripples of the sea as strands of wild black hair fall onto a tan forehead, Joonmyun's brain struggling to come up with a comprehensible reply as he returns the exact same smile except with a touch of amazement he doesn't even bother to hide.

“God, Kai, you're beautiful”, he murmurs as a hand reaches out to trace the shape of full lips onto the water, fingers then moving to map out the defined jaw while all Kai does is give a wide yet still bashful grin, looking down in embarrassment at the compliment. The night doesn't allow him to see clearly the different tones that compose Kai's everything, but even then, Joonmyun already knows the exact shades and colours without even trying, somehow having already known all along.

He notices, on an absent-minded note, that his own skin looks much paler against the other's reflection, but maybe is it a trick of the light gently glimmering onto the surface and his arms.

Thanks. You too”, Kai says softly while finally looking up again, then begins to worry his lips, as if burning to say something but weighting the pros and the cons before eventually letting an awkward cough. “You kind of look like the moon, you know? More than I'll ever do. I mean”, the young man grimaces at his own words and tilts his head to the side with an apologetic look on his face, visibly upset. “Sorry, this is lame. I'm not familiar with compliments, or anything involving social skills.

Joonmyun shakes his head and laughs quietly at the other's apologises, suppressing the urge to take the boy in his arms and ruffle his already messy hair as he would only embrace ink-coloured water. He feels light and heavy at the same time, and when he looks back for the nth time only to witness the sight of his friends all looking like stones displayed onto the sand in a sort of intricate pattern, probably knocked out by the numerous empty bottles the red-haired is able to spot from where he's standing, strangely, he doesn't feel that left out.

And from this moment on, he finds himself taking midnight bathes under the watchful globe every full moon, talking to Kai's reflection and marvelling at how youthful and sweet he still looks every time they meet while Joonmyun watches as each new passing year leaves its marks onto his aging body, slowly but surely. The other doesn't seem to notice, though.

What if I kissed you?” Kai asks one day after a few years, voice unwavering as he stares at the other intently, expression unreadable but Joonmyun has no difficulty reading between the lines when it comes to the lunar being. He closes his eyes, and smiles sadly, already knowing where this is going and yet doing nothing to prevent it.

“But you can't.”

We can pretend.

And they do, as Joonmyun leans in to let his lips touch liquid warmth; they pretend the surface is made of soft skin and plush flesh instead of cold water.

Even when they perfectly know they're both going to get hurt in the end.

They never touch -are not able to, really- , and Joonmyun often finds himself daydreaming, wondering how Kai's fingers would feel intertwined with his, if his hair would be as soft as it looks if Kai ever were to tuck his head under Joonmyun's chin, locks lightly tickling his neck. He doesn't dare to think about something more considering how his heart swells and seems to eat him up from the inside at those simple thoughts, telling himself they're only fantasies which won't happen, ever.

He's talked to the man on the moon – is still talking to him, even after all those years. He's fallen for him, too, and finds it highly ironic how he sometimes wishes Kai would fall for him too, even when it's already done.

Joonmyun just means it in a more literal way.

However, in the end it's Kai who watches Joonmyun fall, witnessing as passively as ever as the now chestnut-haired progressively grows older and older, balling his fist into the crunchy moondust he'd described to Joonmyun so many times, never getting tired of repeating himself if it could bring a smile to the other's face. Everything his fingertips touch is silvery sand, infinite expanses of dry lands, and maybe is it selfish of him, but the lunar being can't help but longing for Joonmyun to join him here, and relieve him from that constant void surrounding him when his time on Earth comes to an end.

Share his pain.

Keep him by his side, and touch all of Joonmyun's imperfections, swipe his thumbs over them as he would finally be able to feel the warmth Joonmyun's tried so hard to describe him under the pads of his cold fingers. Kai doesn't sleep, but still nourishes foolish dreams.

When Joonmyun disappears though, Kai knows what it means. And wants him back, but faces the reality this is another wish that'll never be fulfilled.

So Kai ends up talking to the Earth, hoping someone would hear him as the air he's never really needed begins to choke him, the tan male eventually letting everything out when he realizes what he's feeling isn't loneliness anymore, but a hole in his chest which screams at him that something is missing, that something's not right anymore as tears he hadn't even suspected he possessed begin to stream down his face.

Joonmyun had once told him what crying means. Kai remembers how confused he had been, not understanding how someone could be so overwhelmed they would pour parts of themselves for something they would never get back. He thinks he understands now, as his sight blurs at the edges and salty pearls cling to his eyelashes before falling down onto the ground, slowly creating a darker patch among the gray grains of sand.

He briefly wonders if that's how Joonmyun felt when he spoke up into the night while perfectly knowing no one would ever respond him. Except Joonmyun hadn't been aware Kai was actually on the other side at that time, carefully listening.

Kai, however, knows no one is going to respond for the mere reason no one is out there for him anymore.


He catches the three discreet letters almost purely out of luck, the ghost of a voice making Kai stop glaring at the Earth and what it's taken from him to look around, shock and hope etched onto his face even when his brain tries to persuade him it's just his imagination, and nothing more. He's stopped expecting a miracle long ago.

I'm sorry, Kai. I was hearing you all along but couldn't do anything about it.

A hand settles on his shoulder, the foreign sensation of warmth making his skin tingle under the touch.

Joonmyun looks exactly the same as that night where they had been able to communicate for the first time, even if the smile he's wearing is broken and his lips trembling as he crouches down next to Kai and cradles him into shaky arms, tucking the other's head under his chin.

Kai's hair is as soft as he's imagined it to be.
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ѕhe's the solitary littlepinkjuliette on January 30th, 2013 10:33 am (UTC)
this is so magical and bittersweet and perfect i cannot;;;
i used to talk to the moon when i was young, otl
but i don't think someone as awesome as kai
was listening. ;_____; /sobs

but the ending <3333
idratherbendidratherbend on January 30th, 2013 01:54 pm (UTC)

Ohoh but you' don't know, what if a there actually was a handsome piece of man out there? ÔvÔ /coughs
Joonmyun wasn't supposed to appear and join Kai at the end tbh but he's that stubborn, so I let him have a sort of happy ending xD
xxhnaxxhna on January 30th, 2013 12:28 pm (UTC)
Aw this was bittersweet but lovely at the end. Id talk to the moon too never expecting a reply....it'd be crazy if someone actually replied back to me. Awesome storyline =]
idratherbendidratherbend on January 30th, 2013 02:02 pm (UTC)
Thank you! \o/

Yeah, but it'd would be reassuring too, don't you think? ;~;
rainbowsdhachu on January 30th, 2013 02:56 pm (UTC)
Idk what to say, really. Just reading it makes me soooooo full of chest-pangs and it fills up my heart and uuugh :'( Joonmyun was lonely and Kai was too, and both of them were sad but the ending <3 <3
You are ♥ ♥
idratherbendidratherbend on January 30th, 2013 03:56 pm (UTC)
Ytztfduyerzfuye /gives you hot cocoa as an apology

Thank you, you're ♥ too ;A;

Kai was supposed to stay lonely after Joonmyun's death tbh, but Joonmyun decided otherwise without talking to me first and popped up on the moon to stay by Kai's side \o/ THIS IS THE POWER OF LOVE
nadinadaranadinadara on January 30th, 2013 10:19 pm (UTC)
So beautiful ; ~ ; Ihave so much feels for sukai and I'm glad for this fic (lol yeah what proofreading what hahaha) this story is simply magical and beautiful.I like the last part where kai realised just how joonmyun might have felt when he thought no one was listening to him.and tbh, if I'd been looking after joonmyun for so long, I'd be heartbroken as well ; ^ ; ugh poor kai asdfghjkll /sobs

“I'm sorry, Kai. I was hearing you all along but couldn't do anything about it.”

omg it's almost like deja vu ; u ;

/showers you with rainbows and unicorns

my heart legit, like, flew or smth hahahhaha my babies are together at last ; o ;

thank you for sharing this story sweetie :) ♡
idratherbendidratherbend on January 30th, 2013 10:40 pm (UTC)
Thank you omg, I'm glad you liked it ;A; -pushes Kai toward you- HERE TAKE HIM AWAY FROM ME BECAUSE I'M ALWAYS CRUEL TO HIM

Yesss, even though this wasn't what I had in mind in the first place it turned out that in the end, the roles were reversed and Joonmyun ended up watching over Kai instead, so yeah. It wasn't even supposed to have a happy ending (is this even a happy ending I don't even know since they only have each other) but here you go \o/
eoryndal: Exo (Sehun)eoryndal on January 31st, 2013 10:42 pm (UTC)
So beautiful ;A;

Do you know how much I love this kind of supernatural/fantasy stories? And it's SuKai *___* And the moon. Like, do you know how much astronomy fascinates me? Often I just sit and marvel at the night sky.

The scene in the water was so sad but sweet ;____;

My feels ugh I don't know how to express myself. If I could pour my love into a baking pan, I'd bake you the sweetest cake ever, with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles on top
idratherbendidratherbend on January 31st, 2013 11:34 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you liked it uygfcierf and yeah the night sky is so pretty when it's not polluted ;A;


Thank you for reading ;~;
fugitivedreamsbabyiwillwait on February 1st, 2013 07:29 pm (UTC)
i almost cried when i read ONLY the description because i knew this is going to be good.then before halfway along the story i cried because youjustdowhenitcomestoperfectficslikethisidonotcarewetheritissadornot. i was like UGH IF ONLY IF ONLY IF ONLY this and that. oh well. at least it was a happy(but still heart-wrenching) ending. to my favorite fics list this goes <3

oh and i could sort of relate because i talk to the moon or clouds when i'm in the car lol
idratherbendidratherbend on February 2nd, 2013 11:29 pm (UTC)
Omfg thank you so much let me give you a bag of candies and some hot milk fugieufgzkef /indescribable feels/ I feel you, I was the same while writing, like IF ONLY YOU COULD TELEPORT LIKE IN THE MAMA MV YOU AND SUHO COULD BE TOGETHER 5EVER but no ;~;

Don't get into a car accident because of it tho /pats
Ramen Lover: papaRyorelaxed<3ramen_lover30 on February 2nd, 2014 08:44 pm (UTC)
Such a beautiful bittersweet story, I really love it. I almost cried when Kai and Joonmyun finally get to talk to each other for the first time, that part is my favorite part like "FINALLY!!".
The ending tho, I was getting gloomy when Joonmyun disappear and preparing my heart for sad ending... but hey, they meet and I can't stop my mouth to say incoherent sound but mostly just "Awww"

Made me remember when I was child around 8 or 9, I used to talk to wind and somehow the wind will respond back by blow gently at me thus made me believe I can communicate with wind. At one time I was playing in field, sweating and the heat is not helping so I just say "Oh wind, some nice breeze would be good" and after I said that a long breeze was blow at me. Coincident or not I was happy to be able to talk and get respond. Maybe that's why I love your fic so much XD